Display and Miscellaneous Commands

Todoian customises its display based upon the command it has just been given, but the various types of display can also be invoked through their own set of commands.

The List Command

The main display command is the list (ls, list) command which with no modifiers will print all Tasks organised by their Due Dates:


The following modifications to the list command, and their effects are… View all tasks with due dates of today with (t, today):

list today

All overdue tasks with (o, overdue):

list overdue

Task’s due tomorrow with (tm, tomorrow):

list tomorrow

Task’s due tomorrow and beyond with (f, future):

list future

All Goals with (g, goals):

list goals

By default, Goals are displayed without their Subgoals. Those with Subgoals are indicated by a trailing tilde (‘~’). Goals, and all of their Subgoals, can be viewed with (gs, goals-subs):

list goals-subs

All Goals (without Subgoals) and Tasks can be viewied with (a, all):

list all

Any Task or Goal with a specific Tag can be viewed with (tg, tag):

list tag [tag]

All Goals and Tasks that have tags can be displayed with their tags listed beneath them with (tgs, tags):

list tags

The View Command

Long-term goals can often have a lot of Subgoals. A single goal with all of its Subgoals can be viewed with (vg, view_goal)

view-goal goal-number

Other Commands

A backup of the Task and Goal data can be created with the commands (bkup, backup):


A link to this documentation can be displayed within the program with (h, help)