Todoian lacks a GUI but doesn’t lack much in terms of features with simple, intuitive commands allowing you to take control of not only your Tasks but your longer term Goals as well. Some of the more notable features include:

  • Chronological organisation of Tasks means a quick glance is enough to ascertain what you should have already done, what you need to do today and what awaits you in the future
  • Display as much or as little as you want with commands ranging from viewing a single Goal to viewing all overdue, due today and future Tasks
  • Break down Tasks and Goals into more managable chunks or clearer steps with Subitems
  • Track your progress towards a Goal’s completion with a progress bar that can be set manually or calculated automatically from your Subgoal completion
  • Add highly customisable repeats to your Tasks
  • Tag Tasks and Goals with an unlimited number of keywords

Getting Started

Simply download the Todoian Repository to any folder you like and run the file from the Command Line using